Richard Knight

Consultant on
Africa, Human Rights, Economic Justice, Corporate Responsibility

Welcome to  Currently I am working as a consultant.  On my web page you can find my curriculum vitae and contact information.

On this site there are over fifty pages with current and historical information on Africa.

For over two decades I worked at the American Committee on Africa (ACOA) and The Africa Fund.  This site contains extensive information on South Africa and the struggle against apartheid.  This includes information on U.S. corporate involvement in apartheid South Africa and the campaign for sanctions and divestment.

There is also extensive information on the struggle for self-determination in Western Sahara and current information on numerous countries including South Africa, Nigeria and Zimbabwe.  There is information on Africa's political economy including development, trade, oil and Africa's debt burden.  There is a page with links to other Web sites on Africa and corporate responsibility.

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