Selected Bibliography of Richard Knight


Much of my writing over the last decade has been issued in the name of the organization, or took the form of drafts developed for the Program Directors and Executive Director.  Below are a few samples of some of the major pieces issued in my name over the last twenty years. 


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The African Activist Archive Project: Preserving the History of the Solidarity Movement by Richard Knight (PeaceWork magazine, February 2008)


South Africa 2006: Challenges for the Future by Richard Knight [PDF]


South Africa 2006: Population and HIV/AIDS by Richard Knight [PDF]


Documenting the U.S. Solidarity Movement –With reflections on the sanctions and divestment campaigns by Richard Knight, Project Director, African Activist Archive Project.  This paper was prepared for a conference International Anti-Apartheid Movements in South Africa’s Freedom Struggle: Lessons for Today held in Durban, South Africa, 10-13 October 2004.


A Decade of Democracy: Government and Elections in South Africa by Richard Knight, (Shared Interest, March 19, 2004)


A Decade of Democracy: Economic Policy and Development in South Africa by Richard Knight, (Shared Interest, March 19, 2004)


A Decade of Democracy: Housing, Services and Land in South Africa by Richard Knight, (Shared Interest, March 19, 2004)


International Business Machines and Apartheid by Richard Knight, Covert Action Quarterly, No. 76, Spring 2004.


Expanding Petroleum Production in Africa by Richard Knight, (Debating Oil Development in Africa, ACAS Bulletin, Winter 2002/2003, No. 64) [PDF version]  Note: the article was written in January 2003.  The link to the ACAS Bulletin leads to ACAS web site.  This article also appeared in the Review of African Political Economy, No. 96, 2003.


Housing in South Africa by Richard Knight (Shared Interest, 2001)


South Africa: Economic Policy and Development by Richard Knight (Shared Interest, 2001)


South Africa Fact Sheet 1995 compiled by Richard Knight, (Africa Fund, 1995) Co-compiled South Africa Fact Sheet 1988 and earlier editions.


Overcoming the Legacy of Apartheid: The Solidarity Movement in the Post-Sanctions Era by Richard Knight (Africa Fund, 1992) Paper for conference on Ethics for South Africa International Economic Relations organized by the South African Council of Churches in Broederstroom, South Africa.


To reach the goal of South African institutions devoid of apartheid, U.S. state and municipal governments should retain sanctions by Richard Knight (The Recorder, December 3, 1991)


State & Municipal Governments Take Aim at Apartheid by Richard Knight (American Committee on Africa, 1991).  This article includes a comprehensive list of states, counties and cities that had taken economic action against apartheid.


Unified List of United States Companies Doing Business in South Africa [Third Edition] by Richard Knight (Africa Fund 1990)  Co-authored first (1985) and second (1988) editions with Roger Walke.


Sanctions and the Struggle Against Apartheid in a Changing South Africa by Richard Knight (American Committee on Africa, 1990) This paper was prepared for the International Workshop on Sanctions, Oslo, Norway.


“Sanctions, Disinvestment, and U.S. Corporations in South Africa” by Richard Knight, Sanctioning Apartheid, Ed. Robert Edgar (Africa World Press, 1990) Click here to order this book from Amazon.


U.S. Computers in South Africa by Richard Knight (Africa Fund, 1986)


U.S. Banks and South Africa, IBCASA Newsletter No. 2 (International Bank Campaign Against South Africa, Winter 1986/7)


Black Dispossession in South Africa: The Myth of Bantustan Independence by Richard Knight (Africa Fund, 1984) This article focuses on the Bophuthatswana bantustan, including the Sun City resort complex which, despite the cultural boycott, attracted such performers as Frank Sinatra and Liza Minelli.  Also covered is the forced removal of the people of Mogopa to Bophuthatswana.


The Reagan Administration and the Struggle for Self-Determination in Western Sahara by Richard Knight (American Committee on Africa, December 1981)


Report on a Visit to the Democratic Arab Saharawi Republic and Algeria by Richard Knight (Africa Fund, 1979)


U.S. Banking on South African Apartheid by Richard Knight (Liberation New Service, #831, November 20, 1976)




Testimony of Richard Knight on the proposed Rules for Anti-Apartheid Classification of Banks and South African Activity of Particular Banks before the New York City Department of Finance (American Committee on Africa, December 19, 1991)


Testimony of Richard Knight, Hearing on the Oil Embargo Against South Africa, Intergovernmental Group to Monitor the Supply and Shipping of Oil and Petroleum Products to South Africa - United Nations (American Committee on Africa, April 12-13, 1989)


Testimony of Richard Knight, Public Hearings Concerning Regulations Governing State Contracts with Companies Doing Business in or with South Africa and Namibia, Commonwealth of Massachusetts (Africa Fund, May 2, 1989)


Constructive Engagement and the Arms Embargo by Richard Knight, Hearings on the Arms Embargo by the Special Committee Against Apartheid, United Nations (American Committee on Africa, April 3, 1984)


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