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Many of the publications on this web site were originally published by another organization, primarily those of the American Committee on Africa and The Africa Fund.  Many of these publications were written before the existence or widespread use of the web.  Some were produced before computers with word processing software were in widespread use.  Some were reproduced using a mimeograph machine, a method in widespread use before inexpensive photocopy machines.  Reproduction with a mimeograph required typing the document with a typewriter onto a stencil and typing errors were difficult to correct.  As a result the original documents often contained spelling or grammatical errors one is less likely to encounter today.  Many documents on this site have been retyped or scanned.  As a result there is an obvious format changes in font and layout.  In some I have used modern web table features.  However, I have attempted to keep the original feel of the document as much as possible.  I have in some cases fixed obvious spelling errors but left grammar and punctuation unchanged.  In a few documents I have added some current footnotes.  Some scholars may wish to cite the original documents or indicate in a footnote that the document sited is from this web site, not the original.


Users of this web site are free to copy the material for noncommercial use or quote from documents but are requested to give complete credit.  In the case of a document originally published by another organization, please cite both the original publisher and some such language as “as reproduced on”


An effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of all the material on this site.  However, Richard Knight is not responsible for or liable for any errors in the material on this site.  Nor is Richard Knight responsible for any impact from any use of the material from this web site.